Engineered to out perform any other aftermarket A/C system in the marketplace. The Old Air Products HURRICANE® Heat, Cool & Defrost systems are specifically designed, custom fit and rigorously tested for peak performance in some of the most popular classic, vintage and antique cars. With kits for 1953-56 Ford trucks, 1947-72 Chevy trucks 1964-68 Ford Mustangs, 1963-67 Corvettes, 1955-57 Chevrolet cars, and many more. The Old Air Products HURRICANE® offers the highest amount of customization to an a/c system possible, Choose from cable, electronic or integrated controls to custom vents and louvers, our goal is to help you build the car
of your dreams.

Complete HURRICANE A/C System Includes
Inside Package
A/C hose kit
Receiver / Drier
Binary Safety Switch
A/C Compressor
Compressor Mounting Bracket
HURRICANE Inside package Includes
Choice of four (4) dash louvers
Duct Hose
Choice of Standard Switching Package
Wire Harness
Firewall Grommet
Expansion Valve
Mounting Brackets