HURRICANE Technology

 HURRICANE® Technology

The HURRICANE® unit is engineered and built to perform. Old Air Products has developed what we believe sets a new standard for the auto air industry.

Designed to out produce the anything of its kind in the marketplace, the HURRICANE® utilizes a large stacked 80 pass coil with 53 feet of copper tubing. This coil design provides an enormous amount of surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for maximum cooling capacity.

The HURRICANE® Unit is engineered with a Straight through design that does not restrict air flow with bends and turns within the evaporator case. Our Testing shows that airflow is dramatically improved by pulling the air across the coils. This keeps the blower motor cooled improving unit life. Most competitors units place the blower fan behind and to the side of the evaporator coil thus pushing the air across the coil surface. This forces the air flow to make radical turns in order to move through the coil fins resulting in excessive back pressure and overall reduction of air volume.

The HURRICANE® unit features a snap together injection molded case that can be easily disassembled to service system. Many competitors units are glued together and cannot be disassembled.

Heat / Cool and Defrost

3000 core 80 Circuit Coil For MAXimum performanceAirFlow
Direct Air Flow Across Stacked Coil is NOT Restricted by Radical Turns inside UnitComp Uint
Typical Competitor Unit
Requires Radical Turns through Coil Fins Reducing Air Flow
Why Choose a HURRICANE

Compact Modular Design

The HURRICANE® Unit is specifically designed to be user friendly. The compact size of the system allow retention of glove box, cowl vents, and frees space for in-dash components and accessibility. (i.e. Radio, etc.....) Unlike many other retro fit A/C, heat and defrost systems available the HURRICANE® also allows the customer ease of service, by simply unsnapping and removing the bottom half of the case.

Ease Of installation

The HURRICANE® HVAC is hands down the easiest aftermarket A/C, Heat & Defrost System to install. The HURRICANE® Unit is mounted to the fire wall in the same place as a factory unit. This allows for the use of existing through firewall holes in most cases while retaining your original dash looks and functionality.

Choice of Components and Accessories

You can select from a choice of three coil designs, a variety of dash louvers, several cable or electronic switching options, condenser sizes and compressor mounting brackets to create a custom system for virtually any vehicle.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for HURRICANE® Series Units are readily available. We manufacture the units in or own facility and maintain stock for immediate shipment. We take great pride in our customer service and technical assistance both before and after the sale. With the majority of our sales generated from repeat satisfied customers and referrals.

Which HURRICANE is Right For You
    These units feature cable
   operated defrost & heater
  Electronic controls with
  high torque screw-drive
  electric servo motors
  to control heater &
  defrost functions.
Additional Options & System Upgrades

Standard Defrost

90° Defrost
(Includes "Y" Duct)

Optional Slide Control
(Electronic Units Only)

Chrome Drier &
Chrome or Polished

Condenser Fans
Brackets, switches &
Wiring Harnesses
    1000/1100 Series

Upper Fittings / Through Firewall
Upper fittings allow hoses to clear valve covers, exhaust manifolds and most inner finder wells.

    2000/2100 Series

Side Fittings / For Smooth Firewall
Designed for Clean Firewall's allowing hoses to be routed through kick panels or floor to hide hoses or through firewall using bulkhead fittings.
    3000/3100 Series

Lower Fittings / Through Firewall
Lower fittings allow hoses to exit below the battery tray or for clearance of obstructions on engine side of the firewall.
Creating A HURRICANE System
Create a HURRICANE® System For Vertually Any Vehicel
Choose HURRICANE® Series Unit
Choose unit with upper, lower or side exit fittings. Then choose Cable or Electric Controls. Application guide can be used as a guide. Many custom cars have altered dashes, recessed or smoothed fi re walls or modifications and accessories that may affect the installation of an A/C system. Please measure carefully before ordering.
Choose Control Options
HURRICANE® Systems include rotary style switches to operate the unit and your choice of four Choose four dash louvers. (Cable operated units use pullcables to operate the defrost & heater valves) Aluminum Slide Control Upgrades are available with purchase of inside and complete HURRICANE® systems.
Choose Vent OR Louver Options
The complete HURRICANE® Package includes choice of 4 vent options plus all duct hose needed to complete the installation. Be sure to viev or complete catalog as we are continuasly adding new vent and louver options.
Choose Compressor
Complete Systems include a plain finish Sanden 508 (or equivalent) Compressor. Please specify if a serpentine, multi-groove or wide groove clutch is required for your vehicle application. Polished Compressor Upgrade - Only $35.00 Chrome Compressor Upgrade - Only $50.00
Choose Compressor Bracket
Complete systems include a Compressor Mounting Bracket to fit most common engine types.
Choose Condenser Size
Measure the radiator and grill area and choose the condenser size required for your vehicle. Add optional electric cooling fans, trinary pressure switch and custom wiring harness for maximum A/C system performance.
Receiver / Drier
Complete systems include a standard black o-ring drier. Upgrade to a chrome o-ring drier with polished aluminum mounting bracket for $30.00.
A/C Hose Kit.
A hose kit is included with complete systems. The A/C hose kit offers a variety of straight and 90 fittings with ferrules to create a custom hose set for your vehicle. A/C hose Kits can be upgraded to Braided Stainless Steel.
        Integrated Controls - A/C system controls can be integrated with your existing heater or A/C control on most vehicles. We currently have integration packages for a wide variety of vehicles. Some applications may require shipping your original factory control to Old Air Products to install the control integration. Price varies from $65.00 & up.